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RZA, DJ QBert Among Participants for Hip-Hop, Chess and Life Strategies
By Chris Richburg

Acclaimed rapper/producer RZA will put his mental skills to the test as the newest artist confirmed to appear at this year’s Hip-Hop, Chess and Life Strategies: II Exhibition.The event, which is scheduled for May 19 at the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco, CA., will feature various rappers, martial artists and athletes going head-to-head in competitive chess competitions with area youth.

“Our purpose is to encourage young people across the country to infuse their artistic and physical gifts with chess tactics and strategies to enrich their lives for years to come,” said Hip-Hop Chess Federation co-founder Adisa Banjoko. In addition to RZA, the exhibition will feature international chess icon Josh Waitzkin. An eight-time national chess champion, Waitzkin is noted for being a Tai Chi Push Hands world champion as well as a student of Brazialian jiu jitsu.

He has also made strides in the literary world as the author of Attacking Chess and The Art of Learning, a breakthrough on how to cultivate the mind and body.peep the rest of the piece here

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